Favorable location
Station 44 is situated in the village of Oberpallen. A village located ideally next to the Belgian border, 5 minutes from Arlon, 30 minutes from Ettelbruck, 30 minutes from Bastogne and 30 minutes from Luxembourg city, without the downsides of traffic.

Easy access
Located next to the major roads E411, E25, E421 or N22, Station 44 is easily accessible by car, public transport or even by bicycle.

Proximity Pall Center
The locations and access are only part of the factors that explain the economic development of the village Oberpallen. As a matter of fact, for more than 35 years, Pall Center is a undeniable asset to the region, thanks to its diversity of services offered in response to their client’s needs.
> www.pallcenter.lu

Municipality of Beckerich
For more than 20 years, the municipality of Beckerich really invests itself in sustainable development. In the economic domain, Beckerich also managed to develop quite a resource, using the quality of its sources of mineral water. On the ecological level, the municipality is on the way of establishing an energy self-sufficiency, by installing numerous solar panels in co-ownership and commissioning its heating network. A lot of young households that settle here, as well as many groups of visitors come every year to discover the factors and fruits of these efforts.


Station 44
44, Arelerstrooss
L-8552 Oberpallen